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Below are a series of articles I have written as a contributing author to the website Sport Techie.  My articles cover different topics related to the interactions between sports and technology.


The Top Five Technologies that Forever Changed the NFL

The Top Five Technologies that Forever Changed the NFL

As we head in to week 6 of the NFL season, we’ve already seen some big changes in NFL technology.  Debuting Week 1 on NBC’s Sunday Night Football, the 360 degree FreeD telecast provides fans an unprecedented look into recent plays.

The system uses 24 high-speed cameras to capture red-zone action from literally every angle, then stitches footage into one comprehensive view.  This allows controllers to spin side-to-side around the entire play and maintain the best possible viewing angle at any given time.  Aside from wowing fans with Matrix-esque footage, the long-term applications and impacts of this technology remain to be seen. [Read More]


The Top Five Social Media Campaigns of the 2013 MLB Regular Season


For a sport that has been so resistant to changes within the game, Major League Baseball has been surprisingly receptive to changes coming around the game – specifically how it’s enjoyed by fans. MLB has embraced social media as a method for driving fan engagement and new interest in the sport. Through its award winning Fan Cave effort, the league has built a considerable following of over 1.2 million across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. More importantly, the average age of these followers is 20 years younger than the average age of traditional followers. [Read More]



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