ESPN Revitalizes ScoreCenter App with a Second-Screen-Minded Redesign

ESPN SportsCenter app Scores tabESPN SportsCenter app News tabESPN SportsCenter app Now tab

For years, ESPN’s ScoreCenter app was a staple with sports fans looking to stay up to date on scores and happenings while on the go.  As time when on, many apps were release with similar functions and capabilities.  At the same time, mobile usage has boomed.  In Septeber, ESPN, for the first time ever, saw its number of unique mobile users surpassed the number of website visitors.  In an effort to stay on top of this trend and once again pull away from the pack, ESPN has rereleased a brand new version of the ScoreCenter app with the new title of SportsCenter app.  ESPN’s SportsCenter app is currently available on both iOS and Android.

This time around, developers of the app had a clear focus; they wanted to create an app more in line with SportsCenter’s brand and place a focus on second screen functionality.  They accomplished their first goal through the app’s design elements and renaming.  As for their second, the SportsCenter app has all the standard capabilities of its predecessor.  It providing scores, news, and the ability to select favorite teams.  What distinguishes the new app is the addition of the innovative “Now” tab.  The Now tab offers real-time social media feed, composed of experts, players, and fan discussions around the game.  From right within the app, users can interact with content, comment, and share.  This addresses one of the key challenges facing sports leagues today: many of the conversations around their brand are occurring through outside platforms, like Twitter and Facebook.  This solution increases functionality and keeps users within the app.  The app becomes a one stop shop for stats, news, and discussion during the game, making it an ideal tool for a second screen.  The other innovative feature is the SportsCenter app’s inbox feature.  The inbox provides users with a comprehensive multi-media feed, personalized to fit both viewing and team preferences.  All in all, the app looks to be a solid future-minded upgrade for mobile sports fans.

Watch as TechCrunch demos the new SportsCenter app:


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